Master of Arts in Technical and Professional Writing

Weeks per class

Total credit hours

Middle Georgia State University’s Master of Arts in Technical and Professional Writing focuses instruction on document design, document production, and editing in print and digital formats. The program is fully online, offered in convenient eight-week short semesters. Flexible and interdisciplinary, the program offers high-impact instruction from accomplished faculty in English, New Media, Communication, Journalism, and Information Technology. In addition to offering instruction in the craft of technical and professional writing, the program includes topics such as digital literacy, visual rhetoric and multimedia composition, usability testing, project management, website development, and publishing across print and digital platforms. The interdisciplinary structure of the program allows graduates to prepare for a variety of professional careers, not only as technical and professional writers, but in IT, instructional design, journalism, editing, social media management, education, advertising, business, government, non-profits, marketing, and public relations.

The M.A. in Technical and Professional Writing provides mastery of skills in these highly valued areas of working-world competency:

  • advanced critical thinking
  • applied workplace research
  • emerging methods of online collaboration
  • nuanced audience assessment and persuasion
  • visual design for print and digital environments
  • polished, professional-caliber writing in a variety of public and workplace genres, in print and in evolving digital formats
  • advanced editing tools and techniques
  • advanced principles in human-computer interaction and instructional design.

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