Bachelor of Science in Psychology

Weeks per class

Total credit hours

*PSYC 3001 (Statistics), PSYC 3002 (Research Methods), PSYC 4001 (Experimental Psychology) and PSYC 4100 (Senior Seminar) will run full session (15 weeks in Fall and Spring) each semester.

Do you want to understand why people think, feel, and behave the way the do? Graduates from MGA’s psychology program develop the thinking skills for a scientific approach to understanding psychological and social processes and behavior. MGA’s program is the newest in the region and emphasizes a comprehensive approach to understanding behavior from multiple perspectives. Offered online through MGA Direct, our psychology degree is designed to provide breadth of knowledge in psychology and its methods of inquiry. The psychology degree prepares students for graduate-level study in various subdisciplines and for a variety of entry-level positions (see the below sample list of potential careers with a Bachelor’s in Psychology).

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