Registered Nurse - Bachelor's of Science in Nursing Completion Program

Weeks per class

Total credit hours

Offered online through The MGA School of Health & Natural Sciences, Department of Nursing, this professional degree is designed to assist Associate-degree and diploma-prepared nurses for transition into baccalaureate nursing practice through completion of courses that focus upon:

  • Professionalism and Leadership
  • Evidence-Based Practice and Critical Thinking
  • Physical Assessment and Health Documentation
  • Research
  • Nursing Care of Special Client Populations

In the RN-BSN program, students will learn the role, scope of practice, and expectations of the professional nurse, as well as ethical and legal issues currently impacting the profession. Cultural, spiritual, and regional considerations of client care are discussed in each course, as are regulatory and technological factors of professional nursing. Students will develop an understanding of nursing research, its importance, the research process, and will develop nursing research projects to execute in the capstone semester of the program.

This 30-credit hour program is offered in 6 nursing courses (plus two 4 hour electives), and is designed to be completed in three to four consecutive semesters. Students will learn about the role of the professional nurse as educator, leader, researcher, and intensely discuss the importance of evidence-based treatments, protocols, and policies in nursing practice. This degree program requires no entrance exam, and admits in both Fall and Spring.

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