Bachelor of Science Aviation Science and Management – Management Track

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The Department of Aviation Science and Management “Management’ Track is designed to offer knowledge and expertise in General Aviation such as courses in Aviation Meteorology, Safety, Regulations, and Law & Insurance, as well as proficiency in Aviation and Airport Operational functions of Airline Technical Operations, Airport Planning & Construction, and Airport Operations, Maintenance and Security. The critical areas of Aviation Management are studied in courses including Aviation and Airport Management, Airport Legislative Affairs and Aviation Financial Management. The program is unique with respect to combining the most relevant areas of knowledge necessary for the fields of Airline and Airport Management.

Aviation management careers are among the most challenging, interesting and exciting jobs available for those with an undergraduate degree in Aviation Management. A Bachelor of Science in Aviation Science and Management with a Track in Aviation Management opens the door to career opportunities in both flight and non-flight related professions. Managers in Aviation may work at airlines, airports, or other businesses within the aviation or aerospace industry, including aircraft manufactures. In this career, you might oversee the day to day operations of an airport or aviation organization, and/or supervise a department. In addition to being trained in management and business administration, aviation managers will have training in aeronautical and air transportation principles.

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